Are high stress and poor mindsets having a negative influence on sales, productivity and teamwork?

Tim Gibney has learned that success has as much to do with the ability to handle stress, frustration and anxiety as with the mastery of practical skills.

Tim explores personal attitudes that can lift moods and strengthen the abilities of employees, management and professionals to handle day-to-day challenges.

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What do you celebrate?

Do you celebrate only strength and achievement? Wouldn’t it make more sense to celebrate those that work selflessly to help us with the things we take for granted? Have you celebrated the health you have? Have you celebrated the ability

Have our Governments gone mad?

Have they lost the ability to say ‘no’ to those who are living a fairy tale? Let me give you an example. Recently a baby in British Columbia was issued which may be the first health card in history without

Do others see the world as you do?

Do you think they should? Why is it that at times we assume that other people see the world as we do? Do you think that you are the only one who is right? Do you think that the way

What leads to happiness?

Is it the collection of ‘things’? Or is it really possible to find happiness? I believe that you will agree that every person wants to be happy. I also believe that the search for happiness bonds us as human beings.

Is judging things bad?

Is it instinctive to judge things and people? The other day I was watching a T.V. program about the people who protect the borders of our country. The border patrol officer stated; ‘I’m not here to judge.’ I laughed out