Are high stress and poor mindsets having a negative influence on sales, productivity and teamwork?

Tim Gibney has learned that success has as much to do with the ability to handle stress, frustration and anxiety as with the mastery of practical skills.

Tim explores personal attitudes that can lift moods and strengthen the abilities of employees, management and professionals to handle day-to-day challenges.

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Can you teach courage?

Do we need to look at the animal kingdom to understand that courage can be taught? I believe we do because if we look at eagles you will find an interesting scenario; After the eaglets get to a certain maturity,

How’s your sense of humor?

Do you find that you see things differently when you are away from work? Recently I took 8 days off for some rest and rejuvenation and it worked. I say that because my sense of humor appeared to be working

Does forcing an apology work?

Does apologizing to a specific group of people for a rude comment change things? In May a ball-player for the Toronto Blue Jays was forced/told to apologize to the LGBTQ community for a ‘slur’ he said during a base-ball game.

Have you awoken from your trance?

Have you awoken from the trance that you believe you are doing as good as you can? Recently I came across this quote by Paula D’Arcy (a psychotherapist, writer, retreat leader, and speaker); she said; “To awaken is to be

How do you handle an accusation?

Is there someone in your life that is creating an issue that you don’t believe is justified? Recently this has come up while I was doing some work in a large organization. It was obvious that the perpetrator of the