Are you able to keep calm when another person is out of control?

Do you wish at times you were able to keep your emotions in-check?

I am a very passionate person and in the past number of months I’ve been in circumstances when it could have ended up like a nuclear explosion. The key for me was that I realized it would have done no one any good to show my fiery side. All that would have resulted would have been a battle of words, to no good result. Thankfully I kept my emotions controlled.

So how do you keep in control of your emotions?

I believe you need to look at the big picture and realize how rude or discourteous actions can have a great impact. By getting this understanding you will be more aware of events and your emotions. So how do you get this understanding and awareness?

You need to understand what is important to you. You need to clarify and itemize your inner values. The reason for doing that is because once you understand your inner values and put them into action, you are living your life based on what is important to you by considering the big picture.

So when can you take action to get that understanding of your values?

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