Are your decisions well thought out?

Did you consider this question seriously?

Do you ask yourself the right questions before you make decisions? The questions you ask before a decision are more important than you realize.

I read recently about how teens risk more eagerly. In the period from age 15 to 25 all sorts of risky adventures and have become ugly outcomes for the group between 15 and 25, take for example the car and work accidents.

Sadly risk is not the problem with these 15 to 25 year olds. According to developmental psychologist Laurence Steinberg teens are just as capable of contemplating benefits and risks as adults. They understand the risks they take. But actually overestimate the risks – then tend to ignore the risks too often with tragic results.

According to Cornell psychologist Valerie Reyna and University of Texas psychologist Britain Mills teaching students the essence of how to take action in situations is significantly more effective. This goes against our long held thought that being able to rationalize the risks in the situation is helpful.

So what can you do for your teens?

The next time you are in a situation of some risk I would suggest introducing your teens to the following questions;

  • What could my actions lead to?
  • What is the worst that could happen?
  • What impact would it have on my family, co-workers or organization?

Doesn’t this make sense?

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