Author: Tim Gibney

Do your words reflect your mood?

Do your words express your true emotion? Over the past couple of months, I’ve read some headlines that confused me and I don’t feel were appropriate. The first headline was ‘Sir Elton John in ‘shock’ after mother dies’. To start

What’s it with repulsive people?

Could it be that they are bullies? Could it be that ‘we’ let them be as they are? Yes, there is no doubt that when you look at the character of people like Harvey Weinstein they sure appear to be

Can good things come from bad?

Can we all learn from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations? I believe that the answer to this is a resounding YES. I state that because it is about time that we had a good discussion about what the majority

Do you want to lead others?

Do you have self-control? Over the years of meeting leaders in industry, business and government I come to believe that one of the key traits of a leader is self-control. This is because self-control helps you control your emotions and

Have you ever heard of F.O.M. Out?

Have you ever heard of loss aversion? These are newer terms that have been used to describe issues when it comes to the use of technology. For example, ‘F.O.M. Out’ means fear of missing out on something that is happening

How busy are your days?

Do you think it is possible to find any more time in the day? I recently watched a T.V. documentary on a family and their use of technology. They allowed a special tracking application to be put on their tablets

What is the future of your industry?

Do you think it is important to know this in relation to your organization? It is my humble opinion that if a person doesn’t have their focus on the future, their present actions will do little to improve and grow

Do you take on risks?

Do you fear failure at times? Over the years I have found that many of the business leaders I’ve spoken to fear failure & do not take risks. While this may seem like the comfortable way to run an organization

Are you prepared for the future?

Is your team prepared for the future? The idea for this blog came from numerous interviews I had with some business leaders. They were all in the same industry and my question was ‘How do you sabotage yourself?’ The responses

Have you always done ‘it’ this way?

Could there be other ways that ‘it’ could be done? What does that say about you and your attitude when it comes to change or improvement? Can I ask you a few favors? When you put your socks on, start