Author: Tim Gibney

What does it mean to be honorable?

Do you think honorable is when you are honored? It is my understanding that being honorable is bringing or worthy of honor. In other words, you can bring honor to others and you can be worthy of being honored due

Does identity politics upset you?

Did you know that identity politics has made human beings with individual hopes and dreams into commodities? I say that because when we let our politicians label us and pander to us on our very self-centered needs we all lose.

Is time a magical thing?

Does it heal wounds or transform us? I bring this up due to an article in a magazine that proposed that time is magical and it heals wounds and transforms us. What utter nonsense! Time is not magical, we all

Do you use your brain?

Do you do intellectually stimulating things? What is the impact on you long-term if that is not happening? A former President of the United States Calvin Coolidge once stated; “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or

When do you get your best ideas?

Do they come when things are very loud or do the ideas come when you are in a time of silence? For those of you who do not like silence, I’d like you to consider this quote by William S.

Are you committed to your career?

Have you proven your commitment to your self and at least one other person lately? What have you done that proves it? What more could you do?

What is in your future?

Will you be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do? Or will you be happy about the things that you took action on? I hope it is that you are happier about all the action you took. Lately

What does your language tell others?

Does it say you are honest or are you hiding the truth? I bring this up because I witnessed the most atrocious use of language a while back that still bothers me today. A Judge asked the accused if she

What do leaders do?

Do they manage the organizations business or do they think and talk about solutions? After all these years in speaking to business leaders, I know without a doubt that leaders think and talk about solutions. Why I say that is

Why do people act entitled?

Do you know someone who feels they are due particular things that others aren’t? For your information, entitlement is a belief that a person feels that they are basically deserving of privileges or special treatment. These types of people are