Author: Tim Gibney

How do you handle your time-wasters?

Do you put up with them or are you trying to get rid of them? I want to take you on a visualization exercise right now. Think of a time 30 years from now. I want you to think of

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Do you have negative friends?

How many of your friends appear to be discouraged daily? While many of us (including me) believe that we can raise the spirits of others, is it time we re-think that? I ask that because research has shown that successful

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Are you really happy?

Could you be happier? Do you think that the collection or purchase of things will make you happier? According to an article from the University of California – Berkley campus… ‘researchers think of happiness as having satisfaction and meaning in

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Have you lost your sense of joy?

Are you asking what a sense of joy is? To me a sense of joy is best shown by children, especially younger children. They see things with eyes that are inquisitive and are eager to find out more about what

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Can one person change your life?

Can one person irritate you so much that you decide against taking an action? I bring this up because recently I over-heard a few people saying that they won’t go to the U.S. because of President Trump. The first thing

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Who are your friends?

Who are your close friends, you know, the one’s that you can count on? I bring this up as many people between the ages of 12 and 30 think that because they have 100’s of FaceBook friends they have friendships.

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What do you celebrate?

Do you celebrate only strength and achievement? Wouldn’t it make more sense to celebrate those that work selflessly to help us with the things we take for granted? Have you celebrated the health you have? Have you celebrated the ability

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Have our Governments gone mad?

Have they lost the ability to say ‘no’ to those who are living a fairy tale? Let me give you an example. Recently a baby in British Columbia was issued which may be the first health card in history without

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Do others see the world as you do?

Do you think they should? Why is it that at times we assume that other people see the world as we do? Do you think that you are the only one who is right? Do you think that the way

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What leads to happiness?

Is it the collection of ‘things’? Or is it really possible to find happiness? I believe that you will agree that every person wants to be happy. I also believe that the search for happiness bonds us as human beings.

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