What’s it with repulsive people?

Could it be that they are bullies?

Could it be that ‘we’ let them be as they are?

Yes, there is no doubt that when you look at the character of people like Harvey Weinstein they sure appear to be repulsive people who bullied people. But let’s look a little deeper.

What about the people that knew something about what was going on behind closed doors? I am talking about both the actors, the one’s who heard rumors and the people close to Mr. Weinstein? Were they so insecure that they were going to let whatever was happening just continue so they could take home a pay-check? What about their own character? Yes, the character I write about is their own mental and moral qualities distinctive to them as an individual.

It is my firm belief that they were enablers! Yes, they enabled this man to take advantage of young people with ‘stars’ in their eyes. Yes, it was these your people with ‘stars’ in their eyes that tried to hide what was done to them – all for the sake of money and stardom. How sad!

You might be asking what has this to do with your life?

I would say everything. This is because if you let one person off the hook for repulsive behavior and let them be bullies to others – you are an enabler.

Is there one situation in your life that you’ve seen bullying?

What is one step you can take to change this situation?

Won’t it make you feel better to know that you’ve done something?

Can good things come from bad?

Can we all learn from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations?

I believe that the answer to this is a resounding YES. I state that because it is about time that we had a good discussion about what the majority of Hollywood types promote in their actions, words and productions.

Just look at the life-styles they promote to those that are enthralled with the glitz and glamor of stardom. Everything is based on money, outlandish behavior or sexual activity. Think about this. How does this help you in raising a young person? What values does it teach them?

What do you expect from a young person when they experience a bad situation in their life? Will they follow the values their parents are trying to instill in them? Or will they follow what some Hollywood star or starlet has said or did?

Yes, we all need to give our heads a shake and realize that the large and small screens in our homes are not the ones to teach our children. We are the only ones who can help them for the long-term.

When will you have a discussion with your child, or grandchild?

You will if you want good things to come out of bad, won’t you?

Do you want to lead others?

Do you have self-control?

Over the years of meeting leaders in industry, business and government I come to believe that one of the key traits of a leader is self-control. This is because self-control helps you control your emotions and continue to take action on your objectives no matter what barriers have been thrown in front of you.

Let me give you an example. A young man has just become the owner of an established business. There is already staff in place in fact they’ve been there for years. But when things go wrong, he shows his temper consistently. What is this doing to the feelings the staff have about him? If this continues do you think that they may be looking at leaving this business?

Now I ask you, are there things in your life that cause you to lose self control?

What can you do to keep better control of your emotions?

Controlling your emotions make sense if you want to lead others, doesn’t it?

Have you ever heard of F.O.M. Out?

Have you ever heard of loss aversion?

These are newer terms that have been used to describe issues when it comes to the use of technology. For example, ‘F.O.M. Out’ means fear of missing out on something that is happening or being sent to you on your hand-held technology. Thus, people have ‘loss aversion’ which means that they are fearful of not being up to date on the ‘stuff’ sent to them by their so-called friends.

Can anyone explain to me what kind of life that must be?

Is it good for anyone to be living a life that they fear missing out of something as trivial as a message on an electronic device?

How busy are your days?

Do you think it is possible to find any more time in the day?

I recently watched a T.V. documentary on a family and their use of technology. They allowed a special tracking application to be put on their tablets or phones. What surprised me the most was how they blamed technology for interfering in their lives. They believed that the anxiety and distractions with technology were things that they could not avoid.

To give you an idea as to how bad it was in this house, I need to tell you about their 8-year-old son. At times he has his tablet on 11 hours a day. In fact, the bottom line for this young boy is that if he keeps on averaging between 9 and 11 hours per day he will have spent 11 years of his life looking at a screen.

A question; are you in this same boat?

Do you realize that you have choices on how much you use your own technology?

Your choices can determine how busy your days are, don’t they?

What is the future of your industry?

Do you think it is important to know this in relation to your organization?

It is my humble opinion that if a person doesn’t have their focus on the future, their present actions will do little to improve and grow their organization.

Does this make sense to you?

If you answered ‘yes’ you are on the way to bigger and better things, aren’t you?

If you answered ‘no’, you have started to destroy your organization, haven’t you?

Do you take on risks?

Do you fear failure at times?

Over the years I have found that many of the business leaders I’ve spoken to fear failure & do not take risks. While this may seem like the comfortable way to run an organization it only leads to one thing – complacency.

Complacency is contrary to being a leader. Complacency is contrary to being an organization that is interested in serving. Complacency is a death sentence for any person who wants to show others that they are alive and progressing.

What can you do today to take on more risks and not fear failure?

Are you prepared for the future?

Is your team prepared for the future?

The idea for this blog came from numerous interviews I had with some business leaders. They were all in the same industry and my question was ‘How do you sabotage yourself?’ The responses were fantastic because they was brutally honest. The response that has stuck with me was; “Growth exceeding team preparation.” What it meant was that they were growing very quick as an organization in terms of business and profit but their team was not prepared for it.

My questions for you are;

  • What can you do to help your entire organization be better prepared?
  • When would be a good time to start this preparation?

Have you always done ‘it’ this way?

Could there be other ways that ‘it’ could be done?

What does that say about you and your attitude when it comes to change or improvement?

Can I ask you a few favors?

  • When you put your socks on, start with the other foot, is it a bit of a challenge?
  • If you drive to work, why don’t you go a different route. The change of scenery may give you a different outlook on your drive, won’t it?

The whole idea of this blog is to get you to experience change and to get you to choose it.

What are some ways you can create more change in your life?

You don’t have to always do your activities the usual way, do you?

Are you consistent or erratic?

Let me phrase it differently; are reliable or unreliable?

To me reliability is next to godliness. By that I mean that if someone tells you that they are going to do something on particular time or day, you can count on them to fulfill their promise to you. I write that because when reliable people promise me something I relax because what they have said they will do has always been fulfilled to the best of their ability.

The question remains; are reliable or unreliable?

If you are not, what is one thing that you can do today to improve your own reliability factor?