What do you celebrate?

Do you celebrate only strength and achievement?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to celebrate those that work selflessly to help us with the things we take for granted?

Have you celebrated the health you have?

Have you celebrated the ability you have to speak and listen?

Do you celebrated the life you have?

Do you think today would be a good day to start doing these mini-celebrations?

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Have our Governments gone mad?

Have they lost the ability to say ‘no’ to those who are living a fairy tale?

Let me give you an example. Recently a baby in British Columbia was issued which may be the first health card in history without a gender identified. Instead of identifying male or female, the baby’s health card reads U which according to the press release stands most likely, for unspecified. The baby’s parent, Kori Doty told reporters, “I do not gender my child.”

Truer words could not have been spoken!

I state that because gender identity is not assigned by the person or the parent. Our gender is decided by our DNA. In fact the clear-cut factor that DNA can tell you is whether someone is male or female. In the simplest explanation all you need to know is whether they have X and Y chromosomes, which makes the person male or a pair of X’s which makes the person female.

My concluding questions for you are;

  • Are you going to keep putting up with this?
  • What will you do about it?

Remember if you do nothing, you are part of the problem aren’t you?

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Do others see the world as you do?

Do you think they should?

Why is it that at times we assume that other people see the world as we do?

  • Do you think that you are the only one who is right?
  • Do you think that the way your society is, is the only way things should be?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either one of those questions I know it is time that you reconsider these assumptions. Remember that the definition of assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. The key words in the definition are without proof. You and I have no proof that we are the only ones that are right!

So what is the solution?

Wouldn’t more discussion be a good start?

Wouldn’t it be good to understand another person before we even try to impose our views on them?

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What leads to happiness?

Is it the collection of ‘things’? Or is it really possible to find happiness?

I believe that you will agree that every person wants to be happy. I also believe that the search for happiness bonds us as human beings. Sadly, I see that we live in a world that seems tailor-made for unhappiness. We have a world with disease, injustice, war, death, and adversity of every kind.

Many in the medical profession such as psychologists, and psychiatrists, and numerous other thinkers believe that the cause of most unhappiness occurs because we have such a restricted understanding of our purpose as humans.

This became very obvious to me when I heard this statement; ‘Why would she leave all of this?’ It was a person stating that she didn’t understand why her daughter-in-law left her son just before their 25th wedding anniversary.

Yes, it was obvious that over their years of marriage that they had accumulated a lot of things. And if it was true that collecting stuff during a marriage lead to happiness then we should have very few or no divorces in North America, isn’t it?

So what leads to happiness?

I know that one level of happiness is commitment and contribution to others. Just consider the story I just typed out. Yes, this couple had all the stuff they needed and then some. But she left! Can you see how commitment and contribution to her from her husband could have made a difference?

Is this something you can take into your own relationship?

Would this raise your happiness level?

Would this lead to more happiness?

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Is judging things bad?

Is it instinctive to judge things and people?

The other day I was watching a T.V. program about the people who protect the borders of our country. The border patrol officer stated; ‘I’m not here to judge.’ I laughed out loud because if he is not judging what is he doing as a border patrol officer.

Let me ask you some questions first;

  • Is it okay to use our minds to make a judgment?
  • Are you a mean bigoted person if you make a judgment?

If I was to look outside and see that it is raining very hard and I decided to take an umbrella with me, am I a mean and bigoted person? Of course not! We were given a mind so that we could make rational judgments all through the day.

Another question;

  • Is it okay to use your mind to make a judgment about another person’s actions?

For example if I see my 7 year old grand-daughter driving her bike erratically on a busy street, can I use my mind and tell her that it is not good for her and it is even dangerous? Of course!

So why would a border patrol officer make such a ludicrous or comical statement as ‘I’m not here to judge.’?

I believe it is because we as a society have lost our sense of understanding that it is natural that we do judge others and things because we were made that way. If we see someone doing something that will hurt them either now or long-term, what is wrong with telling them that? It is because we love or care for them.

As for the border patrol officer, if he doesn’t make judgments the security of our country is at risk. If he doesn’t make judgments he is stating that he doesn’t care for the security of our country.

You’d agree that it is okay to make judgments, wouldn’t you?

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Can I give you something of value?

Have you ever found something so valued that you know you could not improve on it?

That is what I am sharing with you today with the link below. It is ’29 Things You Should Stop saying at Work’.  I could not have put it better.

The key thing is will you take action on what it proposes?


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Can you teach courage?

Do we need to look at the animal kingdom to understand that courage can be taught?

I believe we do because if we look at eagles you will find an interesting scenario;

  • After the eaglets get to a certain maturity, their life changes due to the mother’s actions!
  • One day the mother eagle comes back to the nest, with no food in her beak, and she hovers over the nest. She is demonstrating that the wings on the babies’ backs have a useful function because of course eagles were meant to fly.
  • Eagles have to be taught, and that’s the mother’s job. So first she just demonstrates.
  • The next thing she does is comes into the nest and pushes a little one closer to the edge of the nest.
  • Then the mother pushes the little one out of the nest, and the eaglet falls down the face of the cliff, but the mother eagle catches the little one on her back, then flies up and deposits the eaglet back in the nest. The mother bird continues this exercise over and over again.
  • The mother eagle does that because those little birds were made to fly, and they don’t know it, so she is going to teach them something they don’t know.

This leads me to this quote that sadly many people can’t comprehend; ‘May you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly.’

What can you do today that will cause you to gain more courage, so that you can spread your winds and fly?

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How’s your sense of humor?

Do you find that you see things differently when you are away from work?

Recently I took 8 days off for some rest and rejuvenation and it worked. I say that because my sense of humor appeared to be working over-time. In this blog I want to share with you a couple of examples of what appealed to my humor, and suggest that you re-examine how you look at life.

The first example I want to speak about is a quote from a Ryan McLean. He stated; “Education is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.” While this is almost a throw-away quote, when I saw that the simplicity of it appealed to my sense of humor. Of course this can also be said of many people who are in business. They may have all the knowledge, but may not know how to use it effectively for their clients.

The second example just shows how far we have gone off track regarding the use of language. At this place where I went to relax they stated that they had a ‘barrier-free washroom’ on my floor. When I first heard the terminology the thought came to my mind was that the toilet was in the open and not enclosed for privacy. I went to the ‘washroom’ to view it, and needless to say my thoughts about a toilet being in the open were not true. I’ve just got off the internet and I could not find one definition about what a ‘barrier-free washroom’ is. But the whole exercise brings a big smile to my face. Why not explain something as it is?

Yes, these are two very small examples of how my humor has been affected by the little things in life.

Could you improve your life by viewing it differently?

Could you improve your life by viewing it humorously?

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Does forcing an apology work?

Does apologizing to a specific group of people for a rude comment change things?

In May a ball-player for the Toronto Blue Jays was forced/told to apologize to the LGBTQ community for a ‘slur’ he said during a base-ball game. When I first heard of this I did not understand why he was told to apologize. It seems to me that any person who is rude to another person should apologize because they were disrespectful. Secondly what purpose does it serve to apologize to a group of people, who may not have even been at the ball-game?

Is it that we’ve all become overly-sensitive in this world?

Is it that the owners of the baseball team are thinking of their financial bottom-line?

Is it because they’ve lost sight of the big-picture?

Are you wondering what the big-picture is?

It is the fact that respect needs to be shown to all people in the human race.

A question to consider is; when will we become more respectful to all people?

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Have you awoken from your trance?

Have you awoken from the trance that you believe you are doing as good as you can?

Recently I came across this quote by Paula D’Arcy (a psychotherapist, writer, retreat leader, and speaker); she said; “To awaken is to be changed; the spirit within becomes my sight.”

So let’s get back to my question;

  • Have you awoken from your trance?
  • Have you changed?
  • Has the spirit within you become the sight to guide you to a better future?

What can you do today that will jolt you out of your trance?

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