Can good things come from bad?

Can we all learn from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations?

I believe that the answer to this is a resounding YES. I state that because it is about time that we had a good discussion about what the majority of Hollywood types promote in their actions, words and productions.

Just look at the life-styles they promote to those that are enthralled with the glitz and glamor of stardom. Everything is based on money, outlandish behavior or sexual activity. Think about this. How does this help you in raising a young person? What values does it teach them?

What do you expect from a young person when they experience a bad situation in their life? Will they follow the values their parents are trying to instill in them? Or will they follow what some Hollywood star or starlet has said or did?

Yes, we all need to give our heads a shake and realize that the large and small screens in our homes are not the ones to teach our children. We are the only ones who can help them for the long-term.

When will you have a discussion with your child, or grandchild?

You will if you want good things to come out of bad, won’t you?

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