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What is in your future?

Will you be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do? Or will you be happy about the things that you took action on? I hope it is that you are happier about all the action you took. Lately

Is there a need for self-love?

Is that all we need to become all that we can? I ask that question because of what a psychologist said in an interview recently. In order to look deeper into this I looked up the definition for self-love according

Life is about choices isn’t it?

You have the choice to either take action; do nothing or the other alternative, don’t you? The challenge is that at times you tend to procrastinate which is the other alternative. Procrastination is a destroyer of lives!! I write that

Can exercise plans help you?

A weird question isn’t it? Recently I came across a 4-step plan for improving one’s health. The steps were; Build a strong foundation Find what drives you Ease into your eating plan Take things in stride So let me tell

Where are you going?

What are you doing? Have you even thought about the path you are taking? Many years ago I was in the funeral industry. I bring that up because when you know of someone who has died, it becomes a check-point

Are you using your energy wisely?

Do you think I am talking about your use of power and light? No, I am talking about taking action on the things that matter most in our lives. Let me give you a few examples; the work that you

What type of a leader are you?

Are you creating an outstanding future for your organization? If you aren’t why do you have the leadership role? Are you waiting for a proposal of what needs to be done by you to attain those outstanding results? I hope not!

Do events in the past haunt you?

Does worrying about the past help you? Remember, the past may dictate who you are, but you get to determine what you become. The longer you live in the past, the less future you have to benefit from. What three

What is the bottom-line for you?

Did you think I was talking about money? The answer is no! What I am talking about is what will it take to get you to take action? This is action that is long-term, consistent and does not know how

Do you perceive problems arising before other people?

Is it because you have great insight, while others either don’t see things or don’t care? Do you feel like you are in a wasteland of ineffectiveness? There are times in a person’s life when we see many of our