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Do you have one eye on the future?

In other words, are you very concerned about what will happen for you financially? Has this become a constant pressure on your life? How has that affected you? Over the years I’ve found that when I put extra pressure on

Are you interested in others?

Or are you interested in only what they can give to you in the form of payment or a recommendation? First of all, am I not pointing my finger at only you; because I know that if I point one

What impacts your decisions?

Is there one area that affects your decision making process? I believe there is, and it does not make a difference as to whether you are in a small business or a large organization. When I finally give you the answer many

Do get upset due to others actions?

Are you concerned about the inaction of many men when it comes to their children? Are you saying; what does this have to do with being resilience? Well this blog is a very important one in this area, so let me

Are all your actions good?

Are there times when your actions are bad? William Shakespeare wrote; “There’s nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” As we all know Shakespeare lived in a different era than now, yes he lived in the mid

What really matters to you?

Do your actions show it? I believe these are very important questions that we must keep uppermost in our thoughts for every moment of the day. Why? As you know we only have 168 hours every week. If you work

Would you like to get noticed?

Would getting noticed help you succeed? Would you consider doing any of the following? Driving an Army Tank down New York’s Fifth Avenue to launch a soft drink brand in the United States Crossing from Dover, England to Calais, France in

Is work personal?

Are there times in your life when things happen that you take them personally? Well if you do, you are not alone. There have been times when I’ve taken the smallest thing so personal that it ruined the rest of my day. How sad

Are you using the proper form?

Did you know that the key to any strength training program is to build slowly and use the proper form? Are you saying; ‘I’m not interested in strength training!’ If you are not into strength training maybe just maybe you

How do you define your day?

Did you know that you can improve your day by creating an image of the day before you start it? I write this because of the following comment in a U.S. newspaper article. The person wrote; ‘When you are out