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Do others see the world as you do?

Do you think they should? Why is it that at times we assume that other people see the world as we do? Do you think that you are the only one who is right? Do you think that the way

Do you make assumptions?

Have they served you in the best way? Assumptions can either serve or hurt you. The reason for this blog is that I’ve recently returned from speaking to 20 business leaders at a special conference in the southern United States. This

Do assumptions cause problems?

Have assumptions created problems in your life? The following ‘story’ may cause you to pause before you make your next assumption. His request approved, the Bulletin Newspaper photographer quickly used his mobile phone to call the Townsville airport to charter a flight.

Did you know that any coin can offer you insight into life?

That is why there are two sides to a coin. Let me explain. Some time ago a situation happened in my life. It was a very tough situation and has caused upset to many. After much consideration and questioning I