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Have you always done ‘it’ this way?

Could there be other ways that ‘it’ could be done? What does that say about you and your attitude when it comes to change or improvement? Can I ask you a few favors? When you put your socks on, start

Do managers have an impact?

Can managers help you believe in a plan of action? Early in 2016 I read an article about some activist investors and how they have been able to generate very impressive returns. The line that got my attention was by

Do your limitations affect you?

Should you live your life worrying about your limitations, or live from your strengths? From my own personal experience I have focused on my limitations at times and let them affect the way I felt. But with time and maturity I started

Does self-esteem matter to you?

I can hear many of you say ‘yes’. But is self-esteem all that matters? Let me give you an example. You are having a bad day and nothing is going right. You decide to prop up your self with some

What type of an organization do you work for?

Is it one that enhances your life? Does it enhance the value of your customer’s/client’s life? Richard Branson has said that the Virgin brand is not a product like Coca-Cola. He believes that his organizational brand is an attitude. It’s

What does your future look like?

Is it bright and joyful, or is it dull and boring? What ever way you described it is the way your future will be – unless you change your attitude. Your attitude is one of the most powerful drivers in

How’s your life been so far?

You didn’t say ‘fine’ did you? I believe the word ‘fine’ is a bad word to describe how your life is. I’ll tell you the reason why I don’t like the word ‘fine’. It is because ‘fine’ is a type