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Do you have one eye on the future?

In other words, are you very concerned about what will happen for you financially? Has this become a constant pressure on your life? How has that affected you? Over the years I’ve found that when I put extra pressure on

Does discipline equal freedom?

It doesn’t sound like it should does it? Another question; are human beings stimulus-response creatures or do we have the ability to not act on what stimulates us? Another way of asking this is; are you an animal or are

How important is your reputation?

Is it all that matters in the world that we live in? Yes, I was inferring that the world we are living in is very self-centered. So if we are living in a self-centered world is reputation important? I believe

What is acceptable behavior?

In your organization is there a limit to what you put up with? Over the past month or so there has been some news stories about an N.F.L. player named Greg Hardy. This man has pushed the limits of what

Do you know what ‘propriety’ means?

Have you ever seen or used the word? It was only a few days ago that I saw this word in an article. Not knowing what it meant I looked it up. Here is the definition I found; propriety is

Is it time to let go?

Are you trying to be perfect? Can you ever achieve perfection? I doubt it, but there is no harm in trying to improve day in and day out is there? I feel at times that we grab on to something

Do you know what ‘to judge’ means?

Have you ever been told not to judge? Recently this happened to a close friend and he was shocked. He was shocked because he thought he understood what the words ‘to judge’ meant. It was his understanding that to judge

Are you ready to start the New Year with a bang?

Have you started to put together some plans for 2015? Are you working on ‘achievement’ goals or ‘behavioral’ goals? I realize that it is ‘behavioral’ goals that are the keys to writing the finest chapter in my life. I write that

Have you ever had ‘one of those days’?

How did you react? St. Thomas Aquinas stated that; “Man not only behaves according to what he is, he also becomes what he is according to how he behaves.” So if you are acting upset because of a circumstance maybe

Did you know that the majority of your behavior is habitual?

Is this good or bad? That is a trick question. It is because by doing things the way we did them before, we can conserve the limited resources of our attention for more urgent or important problems. Let me give