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Who are your friends?

Who are your close friends, you know, the one’s that you can count on? I bring this up as many people between the ages of 12 and 30 think that because they have 100’s of FaceBook friends they have friendships.

Have you been challenged lately?

Have you felt that this has been good for you? I hope you said ‘yes’ as when we are challenged we tend to go a little deeper in our potential skills and abilities. What do I mean by that? I

How do you react to pressure?

Are you shaken up or do you view the pressure as a way to motivate you to become a better person? The reason for this blog is very simple. It is because I’ve gotten tired of hearing in the news that

How do view the challenges in life?

Have you ever been told to get a better perspective? I bring this up due to the extra-ordinary amount of focus we have in the sports arena. Back in April a golfer by the name of Jordan Speith did not

Being optimistic vs. being positive?

Is it important to understand the difference? I think it is and let me tell you why. According to the dictionary being positive is that seeing everything as favorable or encouraging. While according to the same dictionary being optimistic is

Does life need to be perfect?

What if you could understand how the challenges in your life can make you a better person? Recently I came across this quote by Roy Rogers (he was an American singer and cowboy actor who was one of the most popular

Do your problems define you?

Or are you defined by what you’ve done to overcome those problems? It is my hope that you’ve answered ‘yes’, to the second question. I believe that one of the biggest challenges that you and I experience is that we

What upsets you?

Is it when things don’t go as planned? How does that affect the rest of your day? Of course I know the answer to that as I’ve seen what it has done to me. The question becomes; how do you handle

How do you handle life’s challenges?

How do you overcome the negative situations that affect your life? These situations can range from the loss of a job, a serious illness, the death of a loved one and other traumatic events. These are all examples of very

Do you work best under pressure?

Or do you try to avoid any stress in your life? I believe that when we want life without difficulties we are missing one of the reasons for living. I say that because if life was easy all the time,