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Have you always done ‘it’ this way?

Could there be other ways that ‘it’ could be done? What does that say about you and your attitude when it comes to change or improvement? Can I ask you a few favors? When you put your socks on, start

Have you ever feared being laid-off?

Is this a good feeling to have? Are you saying how could fearing being laid-off be a good feeling?  Let me tell you why. The biggest reason for this is that you will work harder at being the best employee

Is it time to change perspective?

Change is tough isn’t it? Changing your perspective can be even more challenging, can’t it? Perspective is a particular stance toward something, or a point of view. So why would you want to change your perspective on anything? May this

Do you like all surprises?

Surprises can be exciting or challenging, can’t they? Yes, life is full of surprises but only a few of them we like. Yes, life surprises and change go hand in hand. If we don’t want to change the surprise of

Who really changes the world?

Is it the people with power or is it those that are challenged? Why do I ask this? It was because recently I came across a quote by Thomas Merton (an American Catholic writer and mystic). He stated; ‘Much of

Does change affect you?

Has it been for the good or for the worse? It all depends on our perception of the change doesn’t it? Many years ago I was an avid hockey fan, but due to a number of circumstances my enthusiasm for

Would small changes help you?

Or do you feel that large changes are needed? I would agree that most people would like to make big changes when they see how what they are doing is not working. My challenge is in the attitude that large

Have you ever read a quotation that stopped you in your tracks?

When was the last time you had a quotation that challenged you to stop and think about it? Recently I was watching the T.V. show ‘CSI’ and one of the characters stated this line; “What we are never changes, but

Did you know that the majority of your behavior is habitual?

Is this good or bad? That is a trick question. It is because by doing things the way we did them before, we can conserve the limited resources of our attention for more urgent or important problems. Let me give

Do you like improvement?

Do you like change?   These questions are really the same aren’t they? But they create different feelings when you consider what you want to improve or change. Let me give you an example. A husband that is set in