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What’s it with repulsive people?

Could it be that they are bullies? Could it be that ‘we’ let them be as they are? Yes, there is no doubt that when you look at the character of people like Harvey Weinstein they sure appear to be

Have you been challenged lately?

Have you felt that this has been good for you? I hope you said ‘yes’ as when we are challenged we tend to go a little deeper in our potential skills and abilities. What do I mean by that? I

What are the keys to becoming successful?

Is it  the accumulation money and assets?   I would argue that money and assets are not the keys to becoming success. Yes, the money and assets may add up but they are the not the keys to becoming successful.  

Why is it that we detest comments about our short failings?

The difference is in how we take these comments, isn’t it? These comments are just opinions, aren’t they? Why should the comments upset you and ruin your day? Why would you give control over to someone else about how you