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Do your word choices help you?

Do some abbreviations miss the mark in getting the attention of those that you are giving them to? Take for instance ‘EOB’ which is an acronym meaning “end of business” day. This is used with a request made to a

What is hardening of the categories?

Could it be that you don’t listen to those you don’t agree with? If that is your story, you have hardening of the categories. In other words you aren’t willing to hear the other side of the story before you make

Are you a great communicator?

Are you listening twice as much as you are speaking? If you aren’t listening you are missing all of the key information. Yes, the key information is what people are saying to you about life and even your behavior. I

Have you been infected with the latest social virus?

Have you started to ‘brush off’ people that you don’t see eye to eye with? In the past couple of months I’ve noticed this to be increasing in my life. Have you? To me this is a sign of how

When was the last time you asked someone else for their opinion?

Better still when was the last time you asked someone else about how you were doing in their eyes?   These may seem like odd questions considering we live in a world that stresses individuality and a ‘what’s in it