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Do you want to lead others?

Do you have self-control? Over the years of meeting leaders in industry, business and government I come to believe that one of the key traits of a leader is self-control. This is because self-control helps you control your emotions and

Do you hold information from others?

Is this helpful or a problem? The reason for this blog is that at times in the world of business you come across someone who will not share information with those who need to know. Yes, if this information had

What is a normal young man?

What really is normal? I bring this up due to a news paper headline. It was “’He is a very normal young man’; Egyptian suspect in attack near Louvre married with baby.” Now tell me how can someone be normal

Is blame part of your vocabulary?

What is the reason for that? Did you know that when you blame other people or circumstances you are giving control over to these people or situations in your life for the bad things that happen to you. You’ve made

Do you have control issues?

I hope you said yes, as if you don’t want to have some control; are you being controlled by others? As you know it is very hard to be happy without having some feelings of control or stability in your

Are you under a lot of pressure?

Is this pressure becoming more stressful for you? Pressure and stress are usually associated, aren’t they? In order for us to put this into a clearer perspective consider that pressure comes from outside forces. These forces can be people or situations.