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What impacts your decisions?

Is there one area that affects your decision making process? I believe there is, and it does not make a difference as to whether you are in a small business or a large organization. When I finally give you the answer many

What do you stand for?

What is really important in your life or your organization? Almost 2 months ago we had the so appropriately called ‘Black Friday’. I say that not because when businesses are in the black everyone is happy, but ‘black’ because it

Are your decisions well thought out?

Did you consider this question seriously? Do you ask yourself the right questions before you make decisions? The questions you ask before a decision are more important than you realize. I read recently about how teens risk more eagerly. In the

How many times have you been told to settle down?

Do you think that this is said too much?   There are times we’ve all seen someone at work that has ‘settled down’ so much we wonder what they are paid for, isn’t there?   We are programmed by our past

How important are the choices you make?

These choices can make the difference in life, don’t they? So how do you make choices? Is it simple or do you struggle with them at times? I recently read a great article in Forbes magazine on-line by Mike Myatt. Mike is a

Do your values show up in your business?

Do values helped or hurt your business?   A while back I read an article by Venessa Wong from Bloomberg Business Week. In the article she wrote about how Chick-fil-A’s sales in 2013 had surpassed KFC as the top chicken fast

Does the way people challenge you upset you?

Do you carry your own weather with you? If I haven’t lost you yet, are you might be asking what do I mean by carrying ‘your own weather with you? When you are carrying your own weather with you it

Have you decided that no matter the circumstances you will not be affected?

Doesn’t this seem to be the right thing to do? Now let me begin by stating; I believe that all of us have emotions for a good reason. Secondly, we are human beings and we do have feelings. What I

When the times are tough, do you breakdown or breakthrough?

It comes down to a personal decision doesn’t it? The decision to give up (breakdown) or to breakthrough the challenges is tough in this day. I say that because we who live in North America have been babied for too

Are decisions tough for you?

Making a decision is all about choices, isn’t it? I know that once a person understand what is important in their life the choices they make through the decision making process become very easy. It is in the choices that