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What is the future of your industry?

Do you think it is important to know this in relation to your organization? It is my humble opinion that if a person doesn’t have their focus on the future, their present actions will do little to improve and grow

Are you focused on the right things?

Are you sure? The reason for this question is that a number of months ago I had the opportunity to interview some very successful small business leaders. I asked them what were the ways that they sabotaged their own organizations.

Do we need to search for life?

Why don’t we focus on making our lives more fulfilling here on earth? Almost 2 years ago it was announced that a special initiative was created to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life somewhere out in the Universe. It was also announced that

Are you wallowing in negativity?

Have you sent invitations to your pity party? Let me make a few strong statements; When you are wallowing in negativity, you are no different than what the pigs do – you are staggering around in the dirt of your

Focus is a good thing, isn’t it?

In fact many leaders have become successful due to their focus haven’t they? Yes, focus is good when it is creating a wonderful future for you, your organization and others. The biggest challenge is that same focus and our ability

What really matters to you?

Do your actions show it? I believe these are very important questions that we must keep uppermost in our thoughts for every moment of the day. Why? As you know we only have 168 hours every week. If you work

Is there a proven path to success?

Is success even possible? Back some time ago my friend Linda Ferguson of NLP Canada recently posed this question ‘Is there a comfortable, proven way to build success?’ The area of her posting that truly got my attention was this

Can you be irrational?

Have you ever wanted something and then settled for something else? Isn’t that irrational? Let’s go to the definition. What I’ve come across is that irrational means not able to use reason or good judgment. So that brings up a

Are you happy about your work?

An challenging question, isn’t it? The reason why I am blogging about happiness at work is because of a quote I read from a young Canadian golfer. Her name is Brooke Henderson and she is from Smiths Falls, Ontario. She

Do events in the past haunt you?

Does worrying about the past help you? Remember, the past may dictate who you are, but you get to determine what you become. The longer you live in the past, the less future you have to benefit from. What three