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What is the future of your industry?

Do you think it is important to know this in relation to your organization? It is my humble opinion that if a person doesn’t have their focus on the future, their present actions will do little to improve and grow

Are you prepared for the future?

Is your team prepared for the future? The idea for this blog came from numerous interviews I had with some business leaders. They were all in the same industry and my question was ‘How do you sabotage yourself?’ The responses

What is in your future?

Will you be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do? Or will you be happy about the things that you took action on? I hope it is that you are happier about all the action you took. Lately

Do you have one eye on the future?

In other words, are you very concerned about what will happen for you financially? Has this become a constant pressure on your life? How has that affected you? Over the years I’ve found that when I put extra pressure on

Are your past achievements great?

Do your past achievements keep you alive and motivated? I hope not! As the founder of IKEA has been quoted as saying; “The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to every evening think what can be

Being optimistic vs. being positive?

Is it important to understand the difference? I think it is and let me tell you why. According to the dictionary being positive is that seeing everything as favorable or encouraging. While according to the same dictionary being optimistic is

What does your future look like?

What is your vision for your future? Is it one of optimism or do you view your future rather pessimistically? No matter which way you view your future it will be the way you view it. It is because we