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What is your greatest fear?

Is it a fear that you will fail at something that really doesn’t matter? The idea for this blog came from quote that I read recently by Francis Chan. The quote is; “Our greatest fear should not be of failure

Do you know your own limits?

Have you thought about what you are capable of? Our capabilities are a very unique topic of thought. I type that because either we limit the beliefs in what we are capable of or we exaggerate what we can do.

What causes you to be frustrated?

What did you do about it? If you’ve never been frustrated, you may not be as focused on your or your organizations results as you need to be. Why do I say that? It is because I believe that goals

How long do you coach a person?

This question came to my mind the other day so I thought I would give you the answer I came up with. I’ll give you the background first. Whenever I start to work with some one I ask them a

Are you a first quarter person?

Or do you like to finish off the year great in the fourth quarter? I’ve always been intrigued by those people who say they work better under pressure. Sure I understand that some stress or pressure is needed in life,

Do the little things count?

Is it true that inch by inch life is a cinch? I bring this topic up because I’ve seen that many people at the start of a year have very large goals. Sadly they are only satisfied when they reach

How do you define your day?

Did you know that you can improve your day by creating an image of the day before you start it? I write this because of the following comment in a U.S. newspaper article. The person wrote; ‘When you are out

Is it time to change perspective?

Change is tough isn’t it? Changing your perspective can be even more challenging, can’t it? Perspective is a particular stance toward something, or a point of view. So why would you want to change your perspective on anything? May this

Are procrastinators lazy?

Or do procrastinators just have ineffective goals? I know that when you set goals that don’t inspire you, it is very hard to become motivated to take action. Thus you look like you are procrastinating. I believe that no one

Is there a strength in being you?

It is a better alternative than trying to copy someone else isn’t it? Why do I bring this up? I strongly believe that there are different paths to achieve whatever you want in life, not just one path. We all