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Are you living life as a fake?

Or are you letting your true self become known to others? I think you would agree that many times in our life our true self has not been the person we would have liked to have been shown to others.

What is better to create or to buy?

Wouldn’t it be better to create, that is create your future? I write this blog because we’ve made a decision recently. In our household we have gone to the basic cable T.V. package. We know that by reducing the amount

What do you celebrate?

Do you celebrate only strength and achievement? Wouldn’t it make more sense to celebrate those that work selflessly to help us with the things we take for granted? Have you celebrated the health you have? Have you celebrated the ability

How’s your sense of humor?

Do you find that you see things differently when you are away from work? Recently I took 8 days off for some rest and rejuvenation and it worked. I say that because my sense of humor appeared to be working

Do you have a plan for your life?

Are you concerned about what you plan for? I write this blog because over the years it was ‘the thing’ to plan in business. Business owners were told to plan for the number or amount of sales and the gross

Have you ever pondered your death?

Have you ever thought what it would be like to look back at your life, when you were in your 80’s? Those two questions are not morbid, but can lead to a total evaluation of a person’s actions thus far in

Does the world seem chaotic to you?

Would you like to take the chaos out of your life? If you do I have a few suggestions, namely; Look for the good in life. Spend some time in prayer or silence and ask this question; ‘What is one

Do we need to search for life?

Why don’t we focus on making our lives more fulfilling here on earth? Almost 2 years ago it was announced that a special initiative was created to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life somewhere out in the Universe. It was also announced that

How do you react to pressure?

Are you shaken up or do you view the pressure as a way to motivate you to become a better person? The reason for this blog is very simple. It is because I’ve gotten tired of hearing in the news that

Life is about choices isn’t it?

You have the choice to either take action; do nothing or the other alternative, don’t you? The challenge is that at times you tend to procrastinate which is the other alternative. Procrastination is a destroyer of lives!! I write that