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What is the bottom-line for you?

Did you think I was talking about money? The answer is no! What I am talking about is what will it take to get you to take action? This is action that is long-term, consistent and does not know how

Do you deliver a world-class product of service?

If not what are you doing to move towards being first class?   If you are not quite there what do you need to do to move you closer to your goal?   I believe it begins with hiring the

What does your future look like?

Is it bright and joyful, or is it dull and boring? What ever way you described it is the way your future will be – unless you change your attitude. Your attitude is one of the most powerful drivers in

What types of questions motivate you to take action?

Is it the what, the why, the how or who? The ‘what’ question helps you understand what it is that you want to accomplish, don’t they? The ‘why’ gives you a deeper understanding or a passion? The ‘how’ helps describe

Are you doing work that excites and motivates you?

If not, why not? Is it because you’ve got into a rut? Or is it because you’re just concentrating on earning a living? Either way, maybe it is time to shake things up. Ask yourself this question; ‘If I knew

Are you still motivated like you were when you started your business?

If you aren’t, do you wonder why? Could it be that your plans are too small? It has been shown that when we make small goals, there is no motivation to work towards the achievement of those goals. Daniel Burnham,

Have you taken action on the miracle within you?

You may be asking, what is this miracle within you? The miracle within you is your understanding of what motivates you. It is the fire within that you speak about with passion. It is the one thing that you do

Do you have a morning motivation plan to start your day?

Or do you roll out of bed and slide into the day? I used to be the later, by that I mean I would just let things happen. I finally realized that it is up to me, to be on