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How committed are you?

Or, should you be committed? Okay sorry for the poor joke. I know that anyone reading my blog is not a dummy or that they should be committed. The commitment I am talking about is in many areas of your

Is your work a work of passion?

Would you like to find a way to really enjoy your work? Finding a way to really enjoy your work is the key to happiness. I say that because if you are not happy or passionate about your work, do

Are results important to you?

Or do your actions mean everything? I am sure you will agree that actions are important in achieving results, but results are needed in business, aren’t they? So how do we move from actions to those results? 1. Create or

Why are you here?

Have you ever thought about that? I know that we’ve all been placed here for a particular reason. What that reason is sometimes takes many years to find out, doesn’t it? When you realize it, it is a glorious day.

Does the stress of achieving your goals wear you down?

Do you feel exhausted from the pressure you put on yourself? When I think about achieving I think about becoming more successful. To become more successful is when you attract success into your life by becoming the person you were

How passionate are you?

Does your passion or enthusiasm frighten people? For the people that know me, they know that I am a very passionate about life and about what I do. Every once in a while I will hear from some person that

Have you taken action on the miracle within you?

You may be asking, what is this miracle within you? The miracle within you is your understanding of what motivates you. It is the fire within that you speak about with passion. It is the one thing that you do

Do you have an important concept or idea that you need to tell others?

Is it something you are deeply passionate about? Is this concept or idea something that you know can make a difference in the lives of others. If it is, what is stopping you from taking action? If this idea has

Would it be upsetting for you to realize that your focus in life was ineffective at best?

What if your focus was destructive at worst? You and I know that we need to have a laser like focus in order to achieve anything. I see the challenge that this brings is that we take that laser-like focus