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Do your words reflect your mood?

Do your words express your true emotion? Over the past couple of months, I’ve read some headlines that confused me and I don’t feel were appropriate. The first headline was ‘Sir Elton John in ‘shock’ after mother dies’. To start

What does your language tell others?

Does it say you are honest or are you hiding the truth? I bring this up because I witnessed the most atrocious use of language a while back that still bothers me today. A Judge asked the accused if she

Can your words impact you?

How careful are you with your words in describing a situation? I write this blog because of what I’ve recently read in a report about an actress and the what she experienced during the filming of a new movie. Her husband

Do your word choices help you?

Do some abbreviations miss the mark in getting the attention of those that you are giving them to? Take for instance ‘EOB’ which is an acronym meaning “end of business” day. This is used with a request made to a

What is a normal young man?

What really is normal? I bring this up due to a news paper headline. It was “’He is a very normal young man’; Egyptian suspect in attack near Louvre married with baby.” Now tell me how can someone be normal

Are you affected by words?

Is it because the words used do not motivate you? I bring this up because of my concern over the words in Mission Statements used in many businesses that I call on. Let me give you a great example; ‘The mission of Southwest

Is work personal?

Are there times in your life when things happen that you take them personally? Well if you do, you are not alone. There have been times when I’ve taken the smallest thing so personal that it ruined the rest of my day. How sad

Are hand gestures important?

Do they help in conversations? This blog is very personal as many years ago a person I was working with criticized me for using hand gestures when I spoke. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people don’t use

What are you willing to stand up for?

  Did you know that your actions speak louder than words? I recently read an article about a woman named Frances Kelsey. She was born in 1914 (yes she is 100 years old) but her story is more meaningful than

What does the wording ‘break down the silos’ mean to you?

What does the term ‘down-sizing’ mean to you? I bring this up because I know that some of the words we use today don’t give the real meaning to those that hear them. For example ‘break down the silos’ means