Do you have negative friends?

How many of your friends appear to be discouraged daily?

While many of us (including me) believe that we can raise the spirits of others, is it time we re-think that?

I ask that because research has shown that successful people have let go of the negative people who were in their lives. They feel that they have to cut their losses and move on. When I read this article some time ago I was taken back by it because of my idea that I could raise the spirits of anyone.

It appears that the only time those successful friends of yours and mine are even interested in hanging out with the negatives ones is when the negative attitude ones have decided to make a commitment to change their ways. Due to this commitment the successful people are willing to do all they can to help the negative people dig themselves out of their hole.

So what can you do today that will free yourself from a negative person?

Can you do it showing dignity to that person?

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