Do your word choices help you?

Do some abbreviations miss the mark in getting the attention of those that you are giving them to?

Take for instance ‘EOB’ which is an acronym meaning “end of business” day. This is used with a request made to a person to get the action done by the end of the day. Then there is the word ‘brainstorm’ which is an activity to come up with ideas or solutions to a problem.

When it comes to ‘EOB’ it appears to me that this is just laziness. What is so hard about asking; “Could you get this to me by the end of the business day?” It takes away from any misunderstanding doesn’t it?

When it comes to the word ‘brainstorm’ it is probably the most misunderstood terminology I’ve ever known. I say that because brainstorming is usually a way of coming up with as many as possible ideas while not rejecting any, at first. The unfortunate part of brainstorming is that many leaders of brainstorming sessions tend to be too critical of ideas that are different so that people shut down and don’t contribute to a very unique solution.

Would it be helpful that next time you use an abbreviation or a phrase you make sure that it is truly understood and helpful?

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