Have you ever heard of F.O.M. Out?

Have you ever heard of loss aversion?

These are newer terms that have been used to describe issues when it comes to the use of technology. For example, ‘F.O.M. Out’ means fear of missing out on something that is happening or being sent to you on your hand-held technology. Thus, people have ‘loss aversion’ which means that they are fearful of not being up to date on the ‘stuff’ sent to them by their so-called friends.

Can anyone explain to me what kind of life that must be?

Is it good for anyone to be living a life that they fear missing out of something as trivial as a message on an electronic device?

2 comments on “Have you ever heard of F.O.M. Out?
  1. Nicole says:

    FOMO is crazy. I like being out of the loop on most social media. I try to use only a small portion of my week to catch up on things that have happened, but for the most part posts on social media aren’t all that ground breaking or important. Therefore, I don’t suffer from FOMO. I have a tendency to be blissfully ignorant and that helps with my mental health.

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