What’s it with repulsive people?

Could it be that they are bullies?

Could it be that ‘we’ let them be as they are?

Yes, there is no doubt that when you look at the character of people like Harvey Weinstein they sure appear to be repulsive people who bullied people. But let’s look a little deeper.

What about the people that knew something about what was going on behind closed doors? I am talking about both the actors, the one’s who heard rumors and the people close to Mr. Weinstein? Were they so insecure that they were going to let whatever was happening just continue so they could take home a pay-check? What about their own character? Yes, the character I write about is their own mental and moral qualities distinctive to them as an individual.

It is my firm belief that they were enablers! Yes, they enabled this man to take advantage of young people with ‘stars’ in their eyes. Yes, it was these your people with ‘stars’ in their eyes that tried to hide what was done to them – all for the sake of money and stardom. How sad!

You might be asking what has this to do with your life?

I would say everything. This is because if you let one person off the hook for repulsive behavior and let them be bullies to others – you are an enabler.

Is there one situation in your life that you’ve seen bullying?

What is one step you can take to change this situation?

Won’t it make you feel better to know that you’ve done something?

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