Are you interested in others?

Or are you interested in only what they can give to you in the form of payment or a recommendation?

First of all, am I not pointing my finger at only you; because I know that if I point one finger at you there are three pointing back at me.

This whole blog and the focus on interest in others was assembled due to a situation that happened not that long ago. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I thrive on being in the company of others. By that I mean that I get my energy from others. In fact if I am ever tired all that I have to do is go to a meeting or a social event and I am ready and energized for just about anything.

The funniest thing about how my energy level increases is that as I become more gregarious or expressive and many view me in a different way. They view me as the 50’s or 60’s sales person that is only in their presence to make a quick dollar. Sadly for me, this is not my intention.

So why did I tell you this personal story?

It is to make you aware of how you can be viewed due to your actions.

With this knowledge, how can you show others you are genuinely interested in them?

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