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Are your first impressions always right?

Is your perception or understanding of people as good as it could be?   Many times we form initial impressions about people that are absolutely right. But there are times when we form false or negative impressions that can destroy

How do you view the world?

Is the world gloomy and a struggle or is it a place of happiness and tremendous opportunity? No matter how you see the world, the world will be as you see it. How can you change your perception? I believe

How are your perceptions treating you these days?

Have there been days when you feel ‘crushed’ by what is taking place in your life? Carlos Castaneda, the Peruvian born American anthropologist and author said; “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.” So what are you

Have you ever wondered about the value of a day?

Have you ever wondered about the value of a week? Even though you may have heard those questions before, I am going to address those concerns because of what took place in my life this past week. I was laid-low

Did you know that any coin can offer you insight into life?

That is why there are two sides to a coin. Let me explain. Some time ago a situation happened in my life. It was a very tough situation and has caused upset to many. After much consideration and questioning I

Isn’t life and business all about perception?

When you perceive something to be bad, is it really bad? Let me share with you a story. Many years ago, a large American shoe company sent two sales representatives out to different parts of the Australian outback to see