What is your greatest fear?

Is it a fear that you will fail at something that really doesn’t matter?

The idea for this blog came from quote that I read recently by Francis Chan. The quote is; “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

After I read this quote I thought about the many times in my life that I strived so very hard to achieve something that really didn’t matter. For example achieving a sales goal or winning a City Council seat when I lived in Western Canada. Yes, those were good for the ego, but other than that not much.

So my concluding questions for you are;

  • When you make a decision to go for a goal, have you deeply thought about whether achieving this goal really matters in the big perspective?
  • What is one thing in your life that really matters?
  • What can you do to succeed at this?
4 comments on “What is your greatest fear?
  1. Nelson Da Silva says:

    Very insightful Tim. We need to touch base again sometime soon.

  2. Peter Wright says:

    Tim, your point is especially valid in this social media obsessed time we are condemned to live in right now.

    It seems that for many people, their greatest fears are not being liked on Facebook, or not replying to all their emails and text messages.

    My greatest fears are being considered liberal and politically correct.

    • Tim Gibney says:

      Peter, I wish you could see the smile on my face. Your awareness and sense of humor is fabulous!

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